Dear readers,
I am just back from a short but an amazing trip. I had a fabulous time going shopping, eating new delights and experiencing a hot and vibrant atmosphere.  Well, I will be sharing all of that in my next post.
In today’s post, I am wearing a magical gown that is actually a DIY; created for a special event. The main DIY portion is the golden fin, which was added afterwards in layers and gathers. I felt very special wearing it, partly because I don’t usually wear gowns. However, it was my mom’s request to wear something extravagant for that evening.
On the other note, I am currently obsessed with the new album of Coldplay called “Ghost stories”. It dawned on me few days back that I never really talk about music in my blog. I was a little appalled by it because I live and breathe music. I am constantly with my earplugs on till the batteries run out and I get hooked to an artist or album for weeks until I get sick of it.
Well, coming to my point, in the past week I have made several purchases. I went a little over board (you will know if you are following me in my instagram @more2mystylediary) but my precious purchase would definitely be this particular album. Some people are calling it the perfect “breakup album” from Chris Martin. All of that tittle-tattle might have been associated with the recent split of the singer with his wife, Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Whatever it is, I personally found all the tracks very fresh, beautiful and hauntingly catchy. I also believe that people have to be in a different mindset to listen to their songs.
“Ghost stories” is on a repetitive mode in my playlist.
What about you all? What’s on your current playlist?
Love & Luck