Dear readers,

How are you all doing? I have been super busy this week with the showcase of my evening wear collection at the Glitteratti event by 3 AM Entertainment and back to back outdoor shoots with an automobile company. All the locations for the shoot were out of valley. I can't speak much about the project for now. I will just say that it was very exciting and luckily, had an amazing team which is why it didn't feel like work. Anyways, I cannot wait to share all of that once it's officially out in the market. 

Talking about todays post, its all about the short trip I took to India few weeks back. As I am already late on posting them, I thought that it'd be interesting if I caption all of them. 

I hope you will like it.
Love & Luck

"At the end of the last day, I wasn't on my shopping A game as I was bit tired. This was at the Geox Showroom where the collection of loafers were totally fab"

"The heat was so freaking insane that a hat was a must. It's stylish and functional."

"The childhood question once; Sun, Star, Moon and Clouds? I always choose Stars at night and Clouds in the day light. Seriously, the way they gently move and sway, makes you all warm and fuzzy <3"

"Second day in India and literally, Zara Love through & through. I was wearing two of my currently favourite items: my own label Inspire's "Eiffel Paris Tee" and Emma Steen scarf"

"Getting lost in the stitching accessories world. I was stunned by the amount of time I could spend there, way too many options of everything and anything. Coming from a place where the low production industry were affecting my creative mojo, it felt like a wonderland."

"The insane humid weather of Delhi could only by quenched by these ice-cream at Mc Donalds."

"At the DLF Promenade- shopping bags overdose" 

"I cannot imagine my life in black and white. Colors makes the world more beautiful and brings layers of meaning into our lives. While excavating the fabric land in India"

"Met with Mini, a friend who happens to work for the famous and talented designer duo Falguni and Shane Peacock. Their collection were magical and couldn't help but fall in love with their heavy detailed works."

"Prawn Putanesca at the very famous and most recommended Big Chilli restaurant. Rightly, it was the best i had but the portion was bit too much for me"

"Its funny how you despise hearing regular Nepali folk song in your own country yet when its being played in a different land you kinda grooving to its tune."

"Heading towards local market with long cotton pants and pink mani-pedi"

Yes we do. :)

Love & Luck