Creative Canvas | Sculptor & Make up Artist Meena Kayastha

Dear readers,

Sculpture is one art form that I have been fascinated with. The idea of creating a concrete artwork out of something very ordinary material and have the ability to relay a story is magnificent. Its like having a spectacular ability to vision and to bring this vision to world is amazing. Truthfully, I'm ignorant when it comes to the world of sculpture. This is why today I am in conversation with a woman who is well known and well established in Nepal. Meena Kayastha shares her experiences and thoughts from the sculpting world.

1.     How did you get into this line of work? What motivated you to get involved in it?
 First let me take you to my family background. My father Raj kumar Manandhar, he is an ethnical musician and my husband kishor kayastha, a fine art photographer. These people in my life motivate me, inspire me and widen my vision to the world of art. Beside.. Nepal, a homeland of various forms of art and culture weaved in daily lives of people surrounded by religion and culture. Every step, every corner through the old cities, all forms of arts follows you and inspires you. So amalgam of socio-culture society sunken me and motivate for further creative endeavour.
 2.     You are a sculptor and a make artist. How do you manage time to attend to both of these professions?
Sculpting and makeup both are synonym. I would define "makeup" as another medium of sculpting. So for me both of them are inseparable.  Make-up is not just only about enhancing beauty moreover it’s a joy of playing with colors and sculpting it toward a perfect structure. So time isn't an issue for me.
 3.     What is the nicest thing about your line of work?
As I work in junk materials, exploring the junkyard and the materials is the most joyful and nicest thing. As I regularly visit the junkyard people there (kawadikhana ko mancheraru) recognise me and they are familiar about my choice of materials I pick so its most appreciating that non-art related people also become aware of art. 
 4.     You have plenty of experience working with people in this industry. Who was the best to work with?
There are no particular people. I believe in inspiration not influences. So I work on my own and share ideas with different genre of people.
 5.     Could you share with us that defining moment when you felt that "Wow, I just love my job"?
Whenever I visit junkyard I get enthralled by its twisted forms and rusted effects. Generally I collect random stuff from junkyard and play with objects to give a meaningful form so that’s a WOW moment when I create an artistic form from disposed, useless objects.
 6.     A person you look up to in the industry?
Right now I don't have particular image/personality on my mind. So far this is my learning period and there is yet many things to learn and discover. Being myself and focus on the style I work is my preference at this moment.
 7.     What are the challenges of working in your particular creative field? Any experiences you would like to share?
Being a women sculpture sometime it’s difficult to deal physically. In sculpting strong physic is required like hammering, wielding and many others things to get things done. So sometime this masculine part of the work can get quite challenging.
 8.     Where do you think the industry is right now?
Now-a days people are much aware of artistic visionary than before. So it’s a good going towards the development of imagination, creation and visual interpretation. But monetary wise we are still behind. People in Nepal so far I know they don't invest much on sculpture rather than painting. It’s still hard to sell sculpture.
 9.     How can young entrepreneurs and aspiring youngsters contribute to the industry?
Different genre of youngster with their different perspective of mindset and vision is the demand of todays society. Youngsters are our hopes to contribute and take smooth establishment in today’s society of modern technology, communication and social-media.