Dress and accessory : Grazia | Shoes: Ds Collection 
Location: Hotel Shambala | www. shambalahotel.com

Dear readers,

I have way too many pictures from the photo shoot we did recently. But before bombarding you all with these pictures. I really want to take the time to share the experience I had while we were at this amazing hotel. Shambala hotel is a contemporary Tibetan themed boutique hotel in Kathmandu. While I was there, I found it superb in its quality of service and decor. The interior was inspired by Tibetan art and architecture so, it has quite a distinct feel to it.

You get a  regal vibe when you step in yet it has maintained its modern touch. The hospitality and the service by the staff was great, I loved it. This hotel has gained a lot of popularity due to its infinity pool which is probably first of its kind in Nepal. The spectacular view from the rooftop was another highlight. It truly felt like a luxurious experience.

Even though this hotel is just 15 minutes drive away from where I live, I would definitely like to stay over in one of their rooms. I liked the look of it, displayed in their website. Maybe I can fulfil this experience when one of my sister who had seen its website online is back home. She has been raving about the splendour of this place. And, I can't wait.

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