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Dear Readers,

Happy February to everyone!!

February is one of my favorite month, not because it is the season of love but for the mere awakening of spring and just a reminder that winter is coming to an end. Honestly speaking, I think Valentine's day is the cheesiest day of the year. I think the whole concept is full of cliches with a materialistic approach and a compulsion as if there's only one day in the whole year when love needs to be expressed. But somehow I cannot deny its influence over the world, currently in love, married, committed or single ready to mingle. I mean seriously, no other day can summon such powerful imagery for chocolates, gifts and roses like this one particular day. It is a commercially driven day that heightens powerfully allocated reactions to the enigmatic display of hearts and romance. Adding to that, this day offers a wonderful opportunity to express one's love for each other and for some, take their relationship to the next level. 

For a girl who is in love or looking for love, this is the day that has to be perfect. Especially, for my female readers, I couldn't let this month just go by. Hence, I prepared this special V-day "What to wear" guide. I think Valentine's day offers lot as the pivotal color being red which holds so much potential for any style. Therefore, the guide illustrates you OOTD inspirations for girls and women with different kinds of style and taste; a girl next door, a working women or a tomboy... You've got it all right here!!!

Hope you liked it.

Love & Luck