Pictures By Anjil Maskey

Dear readers,

I hope y’all absolutely enjoying your weekend. For me, this weekend has been all about designing, making tones of illustrations, optioning them and corresponding with my clients through emails. So, I stayed in this weekend. I had to even skip my Saturday with my best friend and gals. One actual day in a week when everybody is free and I usually catch up with my girls on this day. Try my best not to be consumed by my working circle. Being a freelancer, I do have the privilege of working on my own terms and schedules but it effects the deadlines Duh!! Yes Deadlines are important and scary. Lol

Anyways, on a lovely Thursday afternoon we; Team Inspire were invited to this exquisite high tea event at Ne’ Brasserie, Naxal, Kathmandu. It was a small intimate gathering accompanied by savoring tea in beautiful turquoise cutleries, the appetizers with the tea were absolutely delightful. It is totally important to understand a concept or an idea before acting on it and with a very new concept being introduced in Nepal, it was perfectly justified by the ambience, food presentation and class at Ne’ Brassiere. As a guest, we were all very happy with their impeccable service. 

I hope you like the pictures by the very talented Anjil Maskey.

Some Insta Moments!!!

Love & Luck