Dear readers,

Editorial Quality is something I have always strive to maintain in my blog. However, to achieve something, you have to work on it whichever way you can, whether by researching, observing, experiencing or practicing with patience ( oh! You really need that if u are blogging). Even when I started blogging in 2011, I didn't wanted to blog just about my personal style, I wanted my blog to be so much more than that. But somehow at that point of time, I was so young and new to the blogosphere, I couldn't really grasp or nail the innate idea of blogging, how it works and what a free platform as such can do to someone in a creative filed. Eventually all along the way, I persistently got into it and evolved myself into a designer right at the beginning of the second year of blogging. Then, followed my incredible journey with @House of fashion for a year during which time I focused myself towards my clothing line, "Inspire" and yes! I couldn't give so much time to blogging. Finally, with 2014 I am proud to say that this long time goal and initial concept of More2MyStyleDiary is heading towards getting its actual form and doing things that it was originally conceptualized or born to do.

Honestly, I am so happy when I am blogging, when I am preparing an editorial content, writing an article, I am happy when I am brainstorming through my blog and exchanging ideas with such lovely people from all over the world. And today, I am certainly more than happy to present my new content in my blog called Global Style Check where I will be introducing Nepalese people from all over the globe and their various lifestyle. For the first article, we have Sarita Chamling from Paderborn, Germany. Many of the people from blog world already know her as the “Fashion Beauty Bug” sharing her beauty hauls but for those who are not aware about her amazing style and blog. She is a human resource advisor and a fashionista who runs a blog at . Read the full fashion spread to know more about her.

I hope you like it.


Love & Luck