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Dear readers,

I thank you all for the warm wishes. I am really pleased to get such lovely feedbacks for my second issue of my online magazine. If you haven't read it, view it HERE This time I am here with an outfit post that we shot couple of days ago. Since the weather in Kathmandu is getting a little warmer, I decided to go barelegged for this post. Usually, I write a quick post; the texual part of my article is always written in a rush. However,  today I am taking the time to write a proper article inspired by a quote I recently came across. 

“In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer”
-A. Camus-

I am getting very excited to welcome summer mainly because I cannot endure cold as it brings physical ailments that ends up making me quite melancholic. So most years I eagerly wait for summer but this winter was different. I realized that these changing seasons are a part of our life and that nature has a way of putting everything where it’s meant to be. Life is all about the choices we make. The decisions that we make are what define us. Being a cautious person by nature, this was a big realisation for me. I feel that I am now more open to meeting new people and exploring new things. This brings such a diverse and new perspective into our lives. I have never been so happy with my professional life and the career space that I am in right now. All the ideas that I am thinking of is laying out perfectly as planed. Well, of course most of it is long hours of hard work, research and brain storming but evolving into someone I aspire to be one day is a beautiful thought that drives me everyday.

Love & Luck

Thanx to my long time best friend, Prita for such a thoughtful More2MyStyleDiary necklace :)

Stay Tuned 
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