Dear readers,

Welcoming a new year has always been my favorite time of the year. A new year is full of hopes and prospects of creating new memories, living, learning, innovating, changing yourself and changing your world, giving yourself a chance and the dreams you hold. Moreover, just evolving into a finer person than you were last year. So, here’s a toast to the birth of a New Year, new ideas, ambition, love, happiness and experiences waiting for us to unveil.

For me, Blogging has always been therapeutic and in a way, it has been helping my ideas, my works get a stronger voice. I am more than overwhelmed to announce that my blog turns 3 this July. Yay!!! So far, It has been an exciting and motivational experience for me. I know it takes a lot of work and dedication to run a blog and I admit I haven't given my full time. Thankfully, it has been nothing but sweet since the second year of blogging ( the time when I started my clothing line), I started getting a lot of emails from my readers giving me positive feedbacks and few international online stores offering me collaborations (which in time you will evidently see in the blog).

I would like to consider 14 as my lucky number as it’s also my birth number. So I wanted my first post of 2014 to be very special. I had always wanted to start an online magazine through my blog. Can’t help my innate fascination over the character “Miranda Priestly”, and her enviable persona of a top fashion editor-in-chief in the movie “Devil Wears Prada”. I always admire strong female editors abroad or in Nepal who are such versatile women with effective communication skills and an eye for creative talents. So heres my attempt of an online magazine introducing fabulous female personalities and young talents who are changing the face of the Nepalese industry.

Well, I thought it would add such an extra flavor to the readers, viewers or the fans of the cover girl, 'It Girl' of the moment, NITI SHAH. I met her at the auditions of House of Fashion where a bunch of young talented girls were training and competing to be the next face, the ambassador for the company. Evidently, with her flawless looks, poise body language and endearing sweet personality, she won the competition and undoubtedly the hearts of many people. After which she signed one major deals after another: getting featured in almost all the top magazines and publications. Truly an accomplishment to achieve a professional stability at such a young age. An ambitious girl with a dream of becoming a supermodel and starting her own social organisation someday. She is definitely here to rule.

In this issue, you will uncover her victorious journey into the Nepal Fashion industry and get to know her personally!!!
I hope you will love it.
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Hopefully there will be more issues coming.

Stay tuned as There's More2MyStylediary

Love & Luck