Dear readers,

I am so happy that my online magazine “She’s All that” got a lot of positive feedbacks and apparently, tones of views more than I had anticipated. Anyways I am so looking forward to the next issues. Ideas are already exploding in my head and I can’t wait to execute them. Blogging my personal style and writing reviews, articles is fun but I am thoroughly enjoying working on this online magazine which is a completely different experience. The whole process is very challenging and it has been giving me this immense creative freedom to navigate from one fashion idea to another. Anyways enough about the magazine, you will see it when you see it and I am sure you all will love my next cover girl (any guesses)?? Hehe

Well, talking about today’s look it is very feminine and vintage. The look is very much inspired by Martin Scorsese and Mark Wahlberg’s production series, Boardwalk Empire which is set in the roaring 1920’s when fashion actually broke out of the prim and proper traditional frame of the Victorian era.  I've noticed how the female characters look so docile and beautiful with their billowy skirts, hats and not to mention the bespoke tailoring. What more can I say!!! Might I add that the series is just everywhere. Such a hit!! Obviously the story revolves around much more than just fashion.

On the other note, Please excuse my unironed top and coat (which is from my own clothing line). Who else here is annoyed by the load shedding hours right now. Phew!!!!! I haven't been getting good sleep too, few works keeping me up. Hence, I look a little tired maybe! Anyways, can’t wait for summer when everything will be light and easier again. Till then, those living in a land with winters, keep yourself warm and remember that style does come in warm fuzzy furry high fashion style too. So ladies, don't go bare this winter parties. Heath is wealth. And those of you living in a tropical country, hmmm just gotta say one thing.....Ah!! You lucky ones!!!! hehe

Keep It Stylish!

I hope you liked it.
Stay Tuned as There's More 2 My Style Diary
Love & Luck