Dear readers,

How are you all doing? I am hoping everyone is busy in their festive land enjoying their holidays. Anyways, today I am so excited to share with you guys my look where I am donning my favorite printed jacket from Prabal Gurung’s Target collection. I know, it’s a very late post and I have worn this jacket many times only to now have the time to finally share it on my blog. I got this the minute it got out on February 10. Much thanks to my loving sister in New York who is always there for me, whether for my fashion or other dilemmas. Lol She was there to buy me the whole collection but sadly, she could only get hold of the jacket, peplum top, Pg’s signature red & black dress and some shoes. Nonetheless, I was happy as a bunny.

Well, talking about Prabal’s collection, I just can’t get enough of the beautiful big prints incorporated so delicately in his collection yet managing to look so distinctive at the same time. The cut is fantastic indeed, expecting no less from a designer like him. However, there were some fit issues with the red dress as I had to alter it. My friend Soniya had the same problem where the small size wasn’t the regular small size. Anyways, although it is a last year collection, I still find it high on the style radar. I adore the versatility of this particular jacket I am wearing, it goes well with anything; say a dress or jeans and heels or flats. I love how it speaks for itself and is so unique that I end up getting compliments every time I wear it.

In a way as a designer myself, I believe a great design is never about money. It is more about the experiences and self-assurance the person gets while wearing it. Evidently as a buyer, I have had those moments when I've bought fabulous designs and in that very instance I stop thinking about the price. The smile, the contentment and the confidence a great design can lend to someone is just priceless. Being a designer, we should always be able to separate cost and worth which might be challenging but not impossible. I have a long way to go and I am so looking forward to 2014. 

A new year, New resolutions, New plans, New muse, New experiences….. Cheers to that!

Love & Luck