Remember!!!those Mischa Barton & Rachel Bilson starer O.C days, around that time when all the rage was that “PINK IS THE NEW BLACK" & even guys were flaunting pink with cool, ease & without any hesitation, as if all human race had gone down to the era of color blindness & saw PINK as the new BLACK........It was nice to see changes in the colour code world where men were not depicted by the burden to look a certain masculine way or to stick to the traditional rule of basic colour code. But, as much as we’ve loved that era of men wearing pink looking cute & all.

The fact is we've missed Mr/Mrs/Miss Black.

Yes, Black Is definitely Back With a Bang & It Is Here To Stay!!!
But hey! it doesn't mean Pink or Pastels are out.
They are even getting bigger this spring!!
Ah!! Thats the beauty of the fashion, The rules are never the same.