Its getting really cold out here....The pictures might deceive you because it’s been shot @ the peak of sun rise when the little ounce of sun is there....But right now my style is all about being warm n cozy. That is why I took my magenta H&M jacket out (which my sister had sent me like few years back), but I had never really worn it.Honestly its super duper warm!!! I wish i had known that be4.

Btw the ring!!! It’s a funny story how I never knew this ring existed ( thanks to my overly congested accessory box) LOL. I thought my mom bought it but she straightly refused it. It is quiet weird how i don't have the slightest memory of when I bought it. But I find it really cool. It looks rustic and adds that bit of old world charm into every outfit. I haven't taken this ring off since discovered I had it.... haha

Okay that’s all for now. Till then, There’s more2mystylediary…..
See u soon