The weather can get really harsh on us. When in summers, heat soars up so high it’s even hard to set barefoot on the ground while in winters, it’s even hard to get out of our homes making it impossible to get our works done. Like in Nepal, it’s even colder than last year. Sigh!!!! That is why I love moderate weathers like spring & autumn. So ideal…. 

But the best part is that the fashion gurus are always coming up w/ solutions to overcome the excess in these harsh climates. For instance, designers are always looking for innovative and functional ideas to combine needs and luxury together. Well I can’t guarantee you about the other ongoing trends but COCOONS are definitely serving fashion lovers well in beating the cold. The silhouette has been designed so perfectly well for winters that no air can supposedly pass through when you are wearing one of the COCOONS.

I am definitely in love with my COCOONS for sure. ARE U?
Love & Luck