I was raiding my old files and came across my backup hard disk w/ all my pictures from the past. It was really fun to go though all my old pictures. It is weird how time flies so fast.I take everyday as it comes and feel blessed to be doing what I love & being surrounded, connected by beautiful people who share big bolt of positive energies in my life. 

Getting at it, I have wonderful best Friends . We call our group THE T.A.Pà 
Trish, Ann, prits & palti. So, here are my odd old pictures w/ my friends when we were little younger, more childish & naive than we are today.

         PHOTOS TIME LINEDà2005- 2009 (be4 my blog ‘More2MyStyleDiary’ days)

                                                                  RANDOM PICS                              
House Warming ceremonyàRed Day w/ aspiring Fashion Designers--> Hanging Out 

B’DAY IN 2009
1st à Prita’s Bday
2nd à My Bday
3rdà Trisha’s Bday

My oldest Bestie Pratima's B'day-->Movie time @ the theatre-->hanging out-->Trip to Pkhra-->My bday 2010-->Friendship day 2009

1stà I think we were still in high school & we went to a karaoke bar. There were like insane amounts of empty bottles of alcohol and beers all over the place. My guess was that they probably hadn’t cleared up the mess from previous night’s party. As stupid it may sound we posed In front of some empty bottles and pretended to look like some cheap drunkard in the broad daylight. LOL It was very childish of us as we were so teenagers back then. Anyways we had a long good laugh. That was one of the many best days we had. 

2nd à  my b’day of 2010 and my best friends got me a Charles and Keith black booties. The best part was that they had bought three pairs of the same shoes. We all still have it and every time I wear it, it gives me the impression & feeling like I’m sharing it with em’.

T.A.P's--> All time Favorite Song.

P.s I miss u my prits (Goa,India) & Trish (Charleston,U.S)

I hope you liked it.
Love & Luck