Total Look: Inspire Bridal

Dear readers,

You know how when you are a little girl and you always think about how your life would be in 10 or 20 years of time. I always thought I’d cry like a baby when my sister would get married. But contrary to those childish feelings, my sister’s wedding was the most happiest moment of my life and I didn’t drop a tear as I knew that this is the beginning of something wonderful in her life. Over the years, I have realised that your truly loved ones will never be far from you no matter how apart you are physically.

I have been fortunate to have such amazing siblings in my life with so much character and love for me. I have two sisters and one brother who individually are so different from one another. So, being the littlest one in the family, I grew up in their shadows and learnt so many things from them. But of all the siblings, I have a special indescribable bond with my small elder sister. So last Saturday was her wedding reception and I was the maid of honor.

Although, we did really miss our dad and my eldest sister who couldn’t join us because of visa issues. But nevertheless, it was a joyous time for the newly wedded couple and we enjoyed it to the fullest. I was to perform a song and a dance. Well, the thing is I used to dance and sing a lot when I was in school but somewhere along the way I had stopped and there was this huge gap. So, I was hesitant at first, even till the very last day but dancing and singing again in front of this whole crowd reminded me of how awesome it feels. It was like I had rekindled with this art form again. It felt amazing.

So about the LEHENGA that everybody loved. The bridal wear that my sister is wearing is fully hand-embroidered maroon velvet lehenga with red shawl . I worked on this design for months and finally the results came out fabulous. She looked like a million dollar doll. Everybody was gushing about her look. Her make up couldn’t start at the time we had anticipated but the make up artist was a pure genius. Amelia from MAC did a wonderful job indeed.

My jiju’s (brother in law) black tuxedo was also from Inspire. He looked super dashing and the couple’s dance was the highlight of the night where he totally went all out and danced like a superstar. My brother Ajay was also wearing his own design (red velvet tuxedo) from Inspire.

My mum was also wearing a golden lehenga with red coat. She looked beautiful as always. For me, Peach being the theme of the décor, chose a peachy pink puffy Lehenga with golden accents. It was also my own design aswell. If you would like to order one. You can contact us at or at our facebook page

Anyway, I will let you enjoy the photos now, there were so many of them and it took me quite a while to prepare this post. I hope you will like it


with our gorgeous mum :)