Venue: Spicy Shallot, Queens

Dear readers,

So I realized I haven’t done food blogging for a while now. I have been so caught up with exploring different places here in New York that I completely forgot blogging about the food I have tried so far. So here are some of the pictures from the sushi night.

By the way, now I can tick off the LOVE Statue visit off from my bucket list.  I always wanted to visit it. I think love is such a beautiful prime emotion. It is what keeps us going and what living is all about.There is no point in living with hate even though the other person or object is subjecting all their energy in that. The best we can do with our lives is be positive, spread the love and in some difficult cases, kill them with kindness. Speaking of that, I am completely loving Selena Gomez new album and the music videos. It is so amazing.

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Love & Luck