Sweater: H&M | Shawl: Atmosphere (Grazia) | Pant and Boot: Zara
Venue: Maison Kayser, Upper East Side Manhattan
Chelsea Market, Meat Packing District

Dear readers,

Finally after three wedding ceremonies already, we wrapped up my sister’s reception party and it was mind bogglingly amazing. I am still having the hang of it as everything went so perfectly well. Anyway, I will speak to you more about that in my coming posts once I get all the pictures from the photographers. 

For me, Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and I absolutely love going to good restaurants that serve proper breakfast or brunch. So, my sister’s friends had planned a day out after the reception night. We had slept at 6 in the morning and we woke up at 12, got ready in 10 minutes. I threw in whatever I could get at first sight and carried a warm shawl as I had no idea of what the weather was going to be like for the day.

Anyway, one of my sister’s friend took us to this beautiful restaurant called Maison Kayser. The food and the ambience, décor was amazing. It came to my knowledge that it was founded in Paris,1996 by an authentic artisanal French baker Eric Kayser. As I was reading, their craftsmanship, patience and dedication for food is what impressed me the most and how he had started his apprenticeship at just 14. I simply loved the place and suggest everyone to go there when they are in Manhattan.

After that, we went to Meat packing district where we visited Chelsea Market, the greatest indoor food halls of the world, with more than thirty-five vendors purveying everything from soup to nuts, wine to coffee, cheese to cheesecake. When my sister's friend told me about the history of how it was commenced, just made more intrigued and excited. 15 years back the area had just factories warehouses and now with growing needs the state had renovated it and turned it into a market.Honestly, it was so cool being there. It was a great experience just looking at its infrastructure, the décor, people and shops. So many inspirations…

So here are some pictures of good food at good place with beautiful sisters. 

Love & Luck