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 I love a perfectly planned wedding and if I wasn't a designer, I would have loved to plan weddings. I love reading wedding articles, making scrapbooks and lookbooks. Thankfully there's an app for that these days which makes it even more fun. Anyways, I just stumble into Vogue's wedding book 2014 and it gave me the inspiration to do a post on weddings and how to achieve that wedding you've been dreaming about. So here is my gift to all the future brides to be.

P.s At the end of this post there is an actual checklist which you can copy, save, print and use. I guarantee you full success! 

Bridal Checklist
Source: Vogue

Many women dream of their wedding day long before it actually becomes a possibility or even a reality. For some there might be mental checklist, a virtual lookbook or actual bank of ideas. For others its just another life event. Whoever end of the spectrum you belong to , all brides to be  must be armed with a foolproof to do list.

A systematic countdown in the run up to one of the biggest events in your life is vital. You are likely to swing from extreme vocal excitement to unbearable hair pulling frustration and nail biting nerves. In spite of every effort you make, you will turn into a bridezilla, at least once. But through these crazy heady and ultimately 12 months of planning, remember to keep things in perspective.

1. Start thinking of the kind of wedding you want? Is it a beach wedding, a palace wedding or a traditional temple ceremony? The all important tast is booking the venues. So decide all the numbers of functions and set your dates?

2. Send out a ‘save the date’ emails to give international guests ample time to pan their visit.

3. This is also great time to start that fitness regime. Crash diets are never a good idea, the last thing you do is faint in the mandap.

4. As your destination and venues are finalised, you can start putting together a mood board of looks for each function. 

5. Start with the jewellery first and build your clothes around it.

6. Start working with your designer and tailor to craft these ensembles. You want enough time for your sketches, fabric options and fittings.

7. Make a guest list. Gathering addresses is a cumbersome but crucial step. Marrying means meeting not just the parents but the extended family.

8. Delegate responsibilities and tasks to close relatives and friends, including putting someone in charge of outstation visitors and their needs.
 Book the mehendi walas. Ensure that your wedding and reception outfits are ordered and selected.

9. Book your honeymoon.  Depending on your choice of destination, make a shopping list of beachwear or winter wears.

10. This is a do or die milestone. Not only do u feel panic attacks coming on, but this is also when you realise that your fiancé has yet to order his clothes. This is when you see your checklist and your mood board. 

11. Decide on the bar, the playlist, the DJ. Think about your wedding gift wish list and consider setting up gift registry.

12. Book a make up artist for hair and make up and go through trial round of hairstyles and looks that complement your outfits. Finalize all the changes on your wedding invitation before it goes on print.

13. Book the right photographer, because the image he or she captures will be the lasting memory of your big day. Discuss your preferences with him/her in detail.

14. Book the caterers and bakers. 

15. If you agreeable to the bachelorette party/hen night, have it early. This gives you enough time to recover form hangovers, the ignominy of the night before and to expunge the puffiness under your eyes.

After this, indulge in a spa treatment and facial for that much needed respite.

16. This is  a home stretch. Send out the wedding cards; meet the florists and decorator and review options. Book the final fittings and alterations for your wedding outfits. Fill in any missing blanks on accessories. Focus on much on the glow on your skin and sense of well being as reaching your desired weight.


17. Collect your outfits. Consider teeth whitening. Get the final haircut or trim.

 18. Review each days ensembles- do you have everything you need from bindis to bangles, shoes, bags and baubles?

19. Breathe, sleep well, stay hydrated, pack an overnight bag, eat sensibly, do some light cardio, meditate, listen to music, have a laugh with your friends, get a manicure, and pedicure and unwind. 

20. Go on a date with your fiancé, just to remind yourselves that you are in this together.

21. Have a massage to de stress completely and think the beach resort or clean mountain air that awaits you and decide when it’s respectable to have your first drink at reception.


 22. Before you know it, the grandest happiest day of your life will be over and soon will be the honeymoon. Your return to complete your last tasks: sending out thank you notes, selecting photos and figuring out how you should be addressing your in-laws.

Here is the "Perfect Checklist" which might come in handy to every future brides :)

 Complete the task, tick on the box and de-stress!

Sixteen to Nine Months Before

Eight Months Before

Seven to Six Months Before

Five to Four Months Before

Three Months Before

Two Months Before

One Month Before

Week of the Wedding

I hope you liked it <3