Dress: Top Shop | Bag & Shoes: Lane 88

Dear readers,

I thought I would share a heavy duty seed of thought today. It is something to ponder upon and the fact that I really wanted to write something in depth, not the ones I have been pulling off so far which is so hasty. But the holidays are here which means more time for proper blogging with a genuine article. 

Sometime few days ago, it kept me wondering what happiness really is? Well, it is definitely hard to generalise it within one simple answer, indeed a very individual concept. Everyone is in pursuit of happiness but being in a happy or sad place is just a matter of time and partly luck. It can give you the passion and courage to do many greater things in life, which can later develop into a journey and splendid memories.

The most intriguing thing about the pursuit to happiness is its power over our minds. You are what you think and happiness is just a state of mind just like any other emotions. Yet, everyone is in its utmost pursuit. Like every cloud has its silver lining, life is filled with strings and waves of the same. If you choose to see those silver linings, that’s when you learn to enjoy life as it comes.

Coming to the post, these amazing pictures were photographed by my friend Soniya and I am wearing a dress, which was gifted to me by a very dear sister, Neesha di from London. We shot this at the hotel Shambala with the evening sunset view on the background and we were continuing the celebration of my best friend’s bday. We had a beautiful day. 


Love & Luck