Dress: Prabal Gurung For Target | Head piece: Forever21 | Shoes: Zara Basics | 
| Infinity ring: Accessories Nep |

Dear readers,

I am writing this post from a serene place. I am enjoying my days filled with lots of paper works and relaxation during the evening time. Gosh!!! I haven’t checked my emails, my Facebook, my instagram for few days now, which makes me realize the beauty of life without any of these so- called modern world necessities that we are so addicted to. 

Well being a blogger, I probably shouldn’t be saying this but shutting yourself down from all these technologies is the best break you can give to yourself. Honestly, these past few days have been very light & agile taking me back to the feeling when I quit eating meat. Huhaha!!!! I am totally combining things in irrelevance here now huh ie: vacay mood and quitting meat mood. I guess, I should probably stop writing and go for a deep swim now J and hey! My moms here, we are staying at a beautiful hotel, Home away from home indeed. More updates later!!!

Love & Luck