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 Creative Canvas | Kerwin Photography 

1.      How did you get into this line of work? Were you always interested in it?
      -Actually, I never thought I would enter in this line of work and it was all of a sudden. Before being a photographer, I used to be a Model. I have walked on ramps and on several music videos. Besides this I always had a fascination and great fondness over photography. Not only DSLR‘s but also I am interested in any digitalized technological object that has been devised to click pictures. I take this field of work as my Second Girlfriend (smiles).

2.      What is that one greatest thing about your line of work?
-I like that it constantly keeps me busy with my eventful schedule, day and night with bit of earning. (chuckles)

3.      You have worked with a lot of people in this industry right? Who was the best you ever worked with?
     - Umm… Yeah, I have had the opportunity to work with various people in this industry. I always count my team mate as the best team to work with i.e “Team F@shion Intoxication”. Going with the latest result, for few days I have worked with the team of  “Movers & Shakers- Kantipur Post”, working experience was like
amazing. I had a chance to learn and explore many things, special Thanks goes to Samriddhi
Rai (Di) & Alok Thapa (Dai) for trusting me and having faith on me .

4.      Can you share with us that one defining moment when you felt that “wow, I just love my job”?
  -That particular moment ummm… Every picture that I have taken whether it’s Fashion, Portrait or Landscape, I always feel like I am improving, that improving moment is always my “wow moment”.

5.      A person you look up to in the industry?
-     -There isn’t only one person that I look up to. As every photographer has their own unique style of working and creative vision. I always prefer “Mr.Kishor Kayastha” and for qualitative work I see up for “Mr. Sanjog Rai”

6.      What is that one bad thing about working in a creative field? Have you had any bad experience while working in the industry?
 -Some people count themselves as the best in the field, not thinking there are other people who are more creative and more qualitative in this field. Yes, I have had many bad experiences but I prefer to keep it to myself and be more professional.

7.      Where do you think the industry is right now?
-Industry today, I say we are just at a “Start”

8.      How can young entrepreneurs and aspiring youngsters contribute to the industry as a whole?
- We as young Entrepreneurs should promote creative thinking and work hard with dedication, which will eventually help the industry rise up or else it, will just remain the same. That is why I encourage aspiring youngsters to come out with new ideas.

My Last Line: -“Never just say quality: there is a creative process that goes on in any creative work. So, always conceptualize an idea, that’s how you will achieve QUALITY, as quality come around with only a conceptualized work.

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