Photography By Kerwin Rajkarnikar | Wardrobe: Inspire & Grazia | Location: Ne' Brasserie, Naxal

Dear readers,
I want to apologize for pulling a complete MIA for a whole month. As you all might have read in my previous article, I was fully consumed by the works and responsibilities of dressing Miss Nepal 2014, the biggest opportunity of my career so far :) If you haven’t gone through the post about the major annual event in Nepal, then go to the link HERE.

According to my blog pattern, I always try to make sure to at least come up with a new article every week but sometimes you don’t get the time at all as there are so many things happening around. Well, enough of making excuses and procrastinating already. So here you go, I have come up with the third issue of She’s all that featuring a very young talent, Pratishna Thapa. She is a student, a MUA blogger, a model and an enthusiastic person who considers human faces as an artist's canvas and loves painting them with her magical hands. My!!! My!!! talent in abundance for a 17 year old girl. Read more about her through these fashion spread posted online below.

I hope you will enjoy it.

Stay tuned as there’s More2MyStyleDiary

Love & Luck