I am Back :- Hello! 

As a new year is soon approaching, I went through a flashback on my blog. I was overwhelmed to find how I have found a career within my interest with the help of my blog. 2013 was all about taking new challenges, trying new things, exploring adulthood, working more & meeting new people. I have always followed the things I believe in and I  don't like when somebody tries to inhibit me. I think inhibitions only limits us from growing  and evolving. Therefore, I always practice and suggest others to always listen to their core self.

First few years of any business venture is very crucial. You have to do be very dedicated and focused. This year I have been able to take my clothing line to its next level and my works got featured in various magazines and newspapers. It makes me feel like I am heading somewhere nice with my designs and work when people are asking for my opinions and recognizing it.

Coming to my main point, I was a little disheartened as i found very little of my OOTD posts this year. In being focused on my clothing business, I lost track of how much I've missed sharing my personal style with you guys. I am extremely sorry if I went on and on about my work this year and forgot what one is really supposed to in a fashion blog.

Anyways with 2014 on our door steps, I am definitely adding few better and improved things in my blog. I have been working on it since past month and having super fun. I am sure my readers are gonna love it. Wink wink ;) As for me, I am completely excited to take on new resolutions and plans, meet new people, learn new things,definitely not make the mistakes I made last year, blog more and evolve more as a person as a designer!!! Above all, be the best I can be.

So, what are your plans for 2014? Are your resolutions all set to be conquered?

Love & Luck