November is always special for me as it's my big month. So it's always filled with tones of gifts and my mummy's special food, cake ( oh that reminds me for the first time this year , there were no cakes Reason! I am a big girl now) lol. 

 Factually, a very materialistic concept but we cannot deny how everybody loves the idea of gifts and presents. It's the way of showing our love and generosity to the people we care about. I once read in a book called Lock and Key that “The best gifts come from the heart, not the store”. A bit cliché but somehow I agree with that. A gift is worthy when it becomes someone's priced possession. For me, it's never about just gifts it's about the thoughts and effort put into it. It's a beautiful way of reminding people time and again how much they mean to us.

So, my most special gift this year has be these customized silver rings and necklace my best friend gifted me. It was engraved #more2mystylediary and inspire AG. As far as my career is concerned, my blog plus my clothing line are my babies. Starting on my own as a blogger and designer was definitely the best decision I ever made and well! my friend knew that. I was super super surprised and happy when I saw these on a cute little red box! Bazingaa!!!! It's true, "Best things come in small packages". :) Talking a little about my best friend, I have known Priita since high school and we have been besties ever since. She is very beautiful, talented, sweet and the most caring friend I have. We never miss each other's bday and we are super tight. Well, high school days are long gone, we have found our own career paths but we make sure we meet every week. Life gets busy but it's always nice to have a best friend who is always there for you and vice versa. 

Thank you Prita darlin' for making my birthdays special every year.
Love & Luck