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I believe that a part of you is who you surround yourself with. We all meet different kinds of people in different walks of life through our friends circle or work but there are only few of them who are consistently there with us. Yup! Our close ones whom we meet and share good times and memories with. Sometimes we come across people who are not... Hmm...(how to put this) Not compatible with us.

For me, it's all about positive energies. I can't judge the person I have only met few times but those with whom I share so much with and still when I fail to sense that vibe of goodwill.Then, that's when I know I have to maintain my distance. I believe that one should always focus on the good things not just solely for yourself but for the people around you aswell. I don't understand when people fight with each other, try to manipulate ruin other's state of mind and play games with other's emotions. Thus, creating a very hostile environment.No harming satires, No jealousy, No ego, No sidetracking, No backstabbing, No games.... Seriously, there are so many greater things we can focus on instead of these fleeting suicidal emotions. 

So always know whom to surround yourself with, someone who brings out the best In you and not the worst. Choose friends wisely and appreciate people who genuinely appreciates you and your work. Someone who feels and respects your existence in life. 

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So here are the pictures of my life lately.