How are you all feeling today?

Sometimes I wonder if we all have that power to capture every little things, from very minute to profound and extensive things in our minds. Our power of recollecting and forgetting memories is fascinating in itself. For instance, Sometimes we can't remember what we did last week but we remember incidents that happened five or fifteen years ago so clearly. It's amazing how a smell, a voice, a song, a substance could trigger all the important memories of our lives. And I feel that life is so beautiful that every moment should be worth something and no details of our life should ever be forgotten.

And wella! That's when the power of photographs come in. To remind us all, of the very perfect or imperfect details of our life. I experienced something similar yesterday when i was working on my designs. I caught this tiny beautiful bug wondering off in one of my mom's lavender  flower. The bug ran away in a jiffy but the shot that I captured brought a priceless smile to my face. And hey! I am no great photographer but I love the power that a camera gives you.

What do you think?

Love & Luck