All Pictures by Ganga Sagar Photography

A BIG Hello!!!
I am back. I know I know, I have been doing this for quite sometime now. Blogging for a while and disappearing once again. There was a time when I used to blog consistently but now i hardly find the time to put together a genuine blog post. Life has been getting busy and busier with my clothing line's businessy part and yes, my academic sides arghh!! exams. But the official important works are all done, almost! 

I think I might be losing my follower's attention :( but mark my words here, I blog promise! I will try my bestest to be more active than this.

Hmm.... for now, I have some good news from my clothing Line "Inspire". Our S/S collection lookbook is out in Folio Magazine. The models featured are my favorite gals ; Winner of the competition "Face of House of fashion" Bidhatri Pokhrel and Niti Shah. Aren't they just the epitome of beauty???

Thanks for stopping by
Love & Luck