Hey ya'all,
So today I thought I would do something different, something fun. So instead of writing my usual post article. I thought I would share something about me. So here are 6 things you don't know about me, that I haven't shared in my blog before.

1. Sisterhood rules my life. I have always been blessed with it. Whether its my own sisters whom I consider my whole world or my cousin sisters from my mom's elder sister's side and dad's siblings side. I have also met amazing sisters in different walks of my life. They all have helped shape me for who I am today. They are loving, caring, protective and basically good hearted individuals. I love them all.

2. I am prone to cold and I cannot tolerate any type of frostyness. But that doesnt stop me from dancing in the rain once in while. I think getting soaked in the rain kinda gives us clarity which we sometimes need. Afterall you only live once.

3. I am a big time insomniac. If you came by to live with me, you'd probably find me skyping or sketching or cleaning my closet, sometimes cooking snacks in the middle of the night. Lol weird right? But I guess it's just a habit I have developed by the flexible hours that comes with my freelancing job. I hope to improve it in the near future.

4. I don't smoke and probably never ever will. It's my personal choice. Well having said that I do not hold any kind of judgement what so ever for those who enjoy smoking. It does look cool but I just love my lungs too much. Lolz

5. I hate my cheeky dimples. Ah ah I don't find them cuuuute!

6. I always do the same hairstyle and am a sucker at trying new ones. Apparently last weekend I made my best effort to do something different. My high school best friend Pratima is very talented and creative when it comes to hairstyles. She is my very own promise tamang.

I hope u enjoyed reading! 
Love & Luck