I have always loved the Grecian look which is so ideal for hot summers. It looks super feminine and is an epitome of elegance. I did my high school from dehradun, India and we had to study Julius Caesar ; a tragedy written by William Shakespeare from our english syllabus. The book was intriguing to read as it was full of drama mixed with conspiracy, patriotism, friendship, loyalty, kingship and honor. I used to stay in my dorm and in our prep time; there I used to be with my Shakespeare book thinking of all the Grecian looks that it's characters used to wear and carry off with such elegance. Lol Seriously Romans were very ahead in everything from clothes to architectures to culture. Sometimes I wish I was born in that chivalrous era! 

Anyways there you go, my contemplation for Grecian look ever since then.
And finally I am doing a post on it. 
Well you know what they say "Better Late than Never".

I hope you liked it
Love & Luck


Love & Luck
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