Last Friday, on a serene locale we hitch hiked a little and paved our way to an amazing picnic spot at the Godavari botanical garden. Accompanied by our own home cooked goodies, two Dslr cameras, little bit junk foods and amazing friends who know exactly how to have fun. Seriously what more does anyone need? Although I did miss my bestie who cudn't make it as it was her working day. Anyways, since we live in the city and coming away to a quiet place in the middle of this beautiful forest and gardens was what we all exactly needed for a change. 

If u sometimes lost ur way to happiness, do something different with some good hearted ppl and your pursuit to happiness will meet its destination.

Love & Luck
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One of my stylista Fren rocking the cappy look :)

 Adorable two :)

Killer Tatoos ;)

 Mancho Men :)

The tree of Friendship :)

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