Confession Time ;p These pics are pretty old ones;late on posting these because I had no idea it was on my draft section. Anyways, We had a little gathering at ganga D’s place. Basically it was a housewarming party but I Rem'ber I was definitely keeping myself warm & bundled up. 

I call this look of mine "The Dungeon Style" because I am pretty much obsessed with Dracula movie genre and also I am literally wearing 5 layers of clothing.Lol

Anyways we had a great time . Actually we were so engrossed and busy preparing the dumplings and eating em' later on that I forgot to take pictures of our entrées…Nevertheless here were the good ones that I got!!

Hope you like it.

I played with her dog "Chuchi"….She barks a lot but is very obedient & adorable esp with her teeths hanging out all the time……Many ppl might not find it flattering but I just loved her, I guess maybe out my good old fascination over the Salvatore brothers, I guess.

Love & Luck