Hey, hey!
So I showcased two of my designs in a big fashion event " La Exclusiva".The event was a grand opening of new wedding Photography showroom in Durbarmarg called Milan International in association with "We fear silence" and @house of fashion. 

The runway was big which was great. I literally prepared the two designs in a week. It all happened in a rush but somehow it went grt. The first outfit I designed was a white halter long overlay dress which you can see my stylish model Shiwangi Hangnima carrying out so beautifully. She owns an online fashion store called Warehouse Designer and she even has a chic blog. Follow her HERE <3

The second dress I designed was a black rose printed Halter dress with slits. It was worn and strutted on the runway by model Muskaan Limbu. She looked effortlessly sexy in the dress and even gorgeous in the pictures.

Both the long dresses had a coat to compliment them at the end.
I hope u like it.

Love & Luck