I am all about good quality photos and I try my best not to go with Instagram or mobile shot pictures but lately I have been so caught up with work that I am straight lazy to carry around the big camera with me every time.....So yeah  I forgot my camera again....it's been the third time I have been doing this. just when you think this would be a grt time to do a blog post!" NO CAMERA 

The thing is its just so easy to shoot pictures with mobile gadget, though I have to admit the quality is  not that ideal as my EOS 1100D. It is just convenient and fast Lol but I promise I will post more elaborate high quality pictures soon. 

I believe everyone goes through that lazy indolent phase (which every blogger or working ppl goes through from time to time) lol but one has to rise above that and learn to say a Big NO!!!! to those lazy bump & sluggish feelings. 

P.s : I am wearing a statement necklace which is a D.I.Y one I love <3

Love & Luck