I just wanted to say that with my laptop being in the maintenance department, I haven't had the chance to do my outfit posts. Pardon me! But in the meantime I have a lot of interesting things I wanna share with u guys. Like;

Anselm Reyle happens to be the new German 'it' artist who brings disco glitz into the fine world of art. Honestly, I hadn't heard of this name before but when my favorite brand, Dior collaborated with him for the new transformation of classic "lady Diors", I instantly became drawn to find out more about this great abstract artist here.

P.s: I had also always been fascinated with artist who can take a simple element and completely transform them into a terrific piece of art.

His work however, characterized by various found objects that have been removed from their original function, altered visually and recontextualized by working w/ different media, utilizing strategies of painting, sculpture ,installation and working in serial, structured work groups. His art includes room sized neon sculptures and morror-and-foil paintings. His current paintings mirrors his personal view towards the constantly shifting criteria of what a ‘completed’ piece of art should look and feel like.

Btw must say his new design for "Lady Diors" are total lust worthy with hints of neons,striking lines and the charming feel of the classic lady Dior still intact in it. I say! Still classic but at the same time fresh n vibrant! :D

But whatever art or medium he might travel to, his first foremost love always remain "abstractionism". Check out his other awesome abstract art pieces in the last section.

Have a lovely day :)
Till then there's More2mystylediary.
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