I recently opened up my Instagram a/c n here are how my instagramic days went by; I got a new dog Lily (she's the apple of my eyes rightnow), went for fabric shopping, after quite a long gap got back into improving my sewing n singing skills, fun hangout with my gurlies, gave a surprise b'day bash to one of my close sis & the recent HIGHLIGHT was when I met Prabal Gurung again :) on New years eve. I had met him the first time at Hotel Dwarika few years back. Anyways he was n still is fabulous!

Btw the thing I love about Instagram is that it has this amazing features; gives u a bit of every mood. Like if I want my pics to look rusted n old aged or some vampish effect... It has got it all & plus it is an amazing app for photograph lovers like me! :D

Well, if u want to follow me. I go by @ More2mystylediary. It's private but if u guys send me a request' I will follow u guys back.

Love & Luck