Check out the the first pic; all clad up in Burberry. Isn't he the cutest??? It's the New Face you definitely need to know.
Btw, his red carpet style is totally dreamy......@_@ It's young, fresh, but at the same time edgy & easy (not too made up).

Actually,these pictures are not what made me notice him. It was his incredible performance in his debut movie by Steven Spielberg called "War Horse" that I recently watched. I thought his young character was so iconic & since I am a big animal lover ESP dogs, rabbits, dolphins and horses are my weaknesses. So, this movie instantly went into my "fav list" & I started googling abt this young lad' here. :D look what I came across!

He is 21 years old & british! Ding! He grew up in small village in the English county of Cambridgeshire.He is also gonna be seen in the new movie called "Now Is Good" alongside Dakota Fanning.He's just starting out but I somehow feel like he's gonna be "the next big thing".

*If u are an animal lover, do watch "War Horse" & u will know.

P.s Still using blogger from my IPad. The usual layout will be back as soon my lappi gets fixed.:-$

Till then there's More2myStyleDiary.
So stay tuned.
Love & Luck