Dress: Inspire
Venue: Hyatt Regency, Kathmandu

Dear readers,

So I had attended Day 3 of Nepal Fashion Week 2016. Those of you who follow fashion, might already be well acquainted with the knowledge of how big and most awaited event of the year it is. I however could not showcase my collection this year because of my own work schedules. But I hope to do it some time in the near future.  

Talking about the event, I think it was really good. I am so happy that the quality of the fashion events is improving with each year. The collections showcased by all the designers were fab. I really enjoyed it. The show started like 45 minutes late than it was supposed to well Nepali timing as usual but I know how hard it is to manage everything backstage. I think this time everything from lights to the sound and the management everything was great.

Anyway, I think I was attending more as a fashion blogger than a fashion designer. Here are some of the videos from the official Himalayan Times Youtube page.