Dress: H&M | Clutch: Lane 88
Photography by Santosh Chantyal

Dear readers,

So here is a glimpse of a shoot I did with street style photographer Santosh Channtyal. I was wearing a sheath dress with amazing abstract prints and the clutch is my personal favorite. Actually, there’s a funny encounter I would like to share with you guys. I was actually shopping randomly one day and I saw this beautiful purse. It was very minimal and pretty. It had this golden side exterior and woollen fabric wrapped on its body. I instantly fell in love with it. I am always looking for unique accessories to add to my collection and I felt like it went perfectly well with my wardrobe. But to my surprise it was defected as its lock was broken and it wouldn’t close.
Without any hesitation, I bought it anyways because I could not let go of it.

I know this is a materialistic item we are talking about here. But in life as well, we fall in love with imperfections so easily. I think there is so much of expressions and vitality hidden in every imperfect moments, things and people. Sometimes there’s beauty in defects and perfections in their imperfections.

Life is beautiful just like that. From a purse to life quotes…I might have gone too far. Maybe its time for me to sign off but
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