Jacket and Shoes : Zara | Pant: Lane 88 | Shades: Dolce & Gabbana

Dear readers,

Montauk is the location of the revenge series, which I was so hooked with when it came out. It was my favourite. The show was clever and remarkably made, full of twists and turns that one could not predict easily. The impeccable acting by the cast and details from costumes to scenery was on point, which made the drama more spellbinding for the viewers to watch. The first 3 seasons were so exciting and a total treat for the viewers. I however lost the unflinching interest after the twisting revelation of the father of Emily Thorne being alive who was assumed as dead from the beginning and that was how the story of vengeance started with. It is quite a disappointment sometimes, when a good series don’t end when it should and the producers decide to elongate it in a futile manner just for the sake of commercial profitability or the run.

Well, I am still watching the show but not that religiously. But It was one of my wishes to visit this beautiful place one day. Fortunately I got to go there this winter. Although, I would have loved to visit it in summer as it is a perfect beach destination for summer holidays. Anyway I totally enjoyed the view of the ocean and the lighthouse even in that chilly windy weather.

I went without makeup and the outfit is very touristy. It was a very cold day so I took out the warmest coat I could get. It was a long drive from home. So, we had an amazing time on the road listening to awesome tracks and chatting about childhood days.

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Love & Luck

Revenge and Montauk beauty in summertime :(