Total look: Grazia 
Venue: Hotel Shambala

Dear readers,

I couldn’t emphasize more on how magical the city where I am currently residing in is. New york partakes this incredible vibe. I think it is a perfect city for young hearts who are free spirited, passionate and ambitious. There is just simply too much to see and observe. Your aesthetic energy and eye might fumble but source of inspirations will never run out.  The weather has started getting colder and you guys know I am not a fan of it. But the Christmas festivities around here are so beautiful and magical.  December has just begun and the streets are already filled with Christmas trees and lights. I am truly excited to see what it would look like in the actual day.

Anyways, I have been getting a lot of messages from people asking me when or if I am returning back home????  Well, I have been here in New York City since mid-October. I am having a quality time with my family enjoying the city life but I do miss Nepal, my home, my friends, my workplace and my pet Lilliput. L So, yes I am just here for a vacation and I will be back.

On that very note, I would like to share a major throwback from a shoot me and my blogger pal Soniya had done for my dearest friend Nawang. She owns a fabulous clothing store called Grazia and many of you might already know how awesome her collections are. Well, I had completely forgotten to post these around that time when we actually did the shoot which makes it perfect to post now as I am missing summer so much I could literally cryyyyy hahahahh (bit of exaggeration there but you guys can feel me )

Have a lovely week ahead.