Shirt: Lane 88 | Shorts: Posh | Shoes & Bag: Zara 
Pictures by Meilan photography
Venue: Hotel Yak and Yeti

Dear readers,

The recent situation in Nepal has been dreadful for us. It has only been few months since an earthquake of magnitude 7.6-shattered us. Countless people have been impacted and are still suffering from the aftermath of this tragedy and sadly, still waiting for government relief and rehabilitation. On top of that, currently there has been an undeclared blockade of supplies from India. The blockade situation is getting worse and too many stories are circulating around. The Indian government has stated that they do not have any thing to do with the economic blockade, however, at the border points, its agencies, the customs offices do not allow passage to Nepal-bound containers.

Is it official or unofficial blockade???
What does India want?
What does our government want and what are they doing?
All we know is that we, the public do not want to be a pawn in their games.

Meanwhile in the city, I have experienced the sky rocketing prices for taxi fares, and see people monkey caving public transportations. Everyone’s time is being occupied by waiting in vain for transportation. Vehicles lining up in front of closed petrol pumps has become a common sight. It has been frustrating to realize that we don’t have any control over it.  If somehow our lives might return to normalcy, we need to realize that as a country we need to be independent, self-sustained and resourceful on our own. Relying on a neighboring country that can just out dry us economically to the core whenever they wish is just a scary truth to be living with.  We shouldn’t let this situation just pass by. We dream nothing but prosperity for Nepal, a new Nepal that has blooming industries and powerful sectors.  Anyways, so much for the situation updates. It’s sad and a real challenging time for Nepal. (Sigh)

Well, talking about the post, the pictures are from a small dinner gathering I had with a group of really amazing team at Hotel Yak and Yeti.  It was a special project that was partly work related. It is on the pipeline and we shall reveal in time. So, I will be back with a new post from a new location as I am going away for the holidays. J

Stay tuned
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Love & Luck
Antee Gurung

Love & Luck