Coat: Forever 21 | Pants & Boots: Zara | Top: Ginger | Bag: From Hongkong <3
Location: Sea Port | Times Square | Manhattan

Dear readers,

I am currently in New York and I am here to attend my sister’s wedding. Actually, she is more than a sister to me. Growing up she was like my second mum and we were inseparable. I am who I am now because of her. My early childhood and teenage days were highly influenced by her presence for which I am so grateful. She meant and means the whole world to me. She is my soul sister and now to be a maid of honor at her wedding is the most blissful thing ever. Meeting her after 6 years and it’s one of the happiest moments for our family. Super excited and here’s my first look in New York, the city of dreams.

For the first day we went to Sea Port, Brooklyn Bridge and Times Square, which was a thrilling experience. Visiting Sea Port by the sea was very serene and we climbed the Brooklyn Bridge as well. The view from the bridge was breathtaking.
It was only much later going to the Times Square I felt the glittery vibes of New York City. At Times Square a really sweet nepali girl came up to me and asked me if I was a designer. I was totally surprised and it was so nice to meet her. It certainly feels great to meet your people in another country. :) Doesn't it?

Anyways I will keep you all posted.
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Love & Luck