Total look: Lane 88 | Shoes: Zara Basic
Pictures by Meilan lama

Dear readers,

Have you guys ever wondered if you could time travel? Which memory would you like to relive?  Which time would you like to travel back in?

Well, if I had the chance to do so, I would like to travel back in time when I was 5 years old and oh boy! It was a different world in itself. No Internet, no easy accessibility, everything was as plain and simple as it could be. A magical and liberating time when my brothers lived on cassette players, decks, roller skates, guns and roses t-shirts and my sisters used to droll on boy bands, read Nancy drew novels, love story movies of Shahrukh khan was on repeat mode. A time when games meant real playground games and not video games lol On holidays, Me and my sibling, we were all kids and we used to stroll for miles enjoying and excavating every moment. It was such a safe world back then, a safe haven indeed. 

On the other hand, since I was the youngest in my family I was everyone’s little darling. I fondly remember how my mum used to dress me up in red tartan skirt, little stockings, and booties with red hat. I was a walking talking little red riding hood. Red was her favorite color & still is.  Red is such a powerful colour and here I am wearing a big red hat, which took me back to my childhood days when I was big on hats. Anyways these pictures were shot by the amazing Meilan Lama from Himalayan times for a small Xmas segment on the paper. 

Love & Luck