Sweater: Atmosphere (Grazia) | Shoes: Zara Basics | Pant: Armani Exchange | Hat: Ice Cream |
Bag: Kate Spade | Coat: K Delirian Apparel 
Location: The Old House

Dear readers,

On a cold day, I spend my first weekend of 2015 with my closest friends. The weather was not favourable but I was very eager to meet them partly because I have been so busy with my work and life. Sometimes when you are working towards your career, your goals and enjoying every bit of it, you might not have to time to manage it all. But I believe that when there's an understanding and willingness anything is possible. Time is just a matter of when, what and who.

Anyways, did you guys set your resolutions yet? I haven't completed mine yet but I have this bigger picture in my head and I think I know exactly where I am headed this year. I also wanted to share my midnight journal with you guys, something I wrote late night a day before New year's eve. I think the poem sums it all. 

I want to start my new year with a fresh smile, clear mind and a happy heart.
I want to live my life the way I want to. 
I want my people to understand my happiness my life
For I will always be there to understand theirs. 

I want to set new resolutions and work towards fulfilling them.
I want to dream out loud and watch them come true.
I want to meet new people, experience new possibilities 
I want to treasure all that & those I have earned so far and be better. 

The same day next year, I want to be as happy as I am today.
For each day is a blessing. 
Love, Live and dream out loud! 💞



Love & Luck