Dear readers,

I have just wrapped up the most amazing show I’d ever done. It was a monthly event show by blender's Pride and Siwangi who happens to be a loving sis and my style talk pal organised it. I think I have already mentioned in my previous post how awesome of a style she devours. Anyways the show was a success, more about that on my next post where I will be posting it all in deeper details alongside all the pictures.

Well, on the other hand life has been wonderful so far. I have a lot to be grateful for and I always wish that it would be the same or better than this as I always strive for the best of what life has to offer. I want to be the beacon of hope for my own life as I sometimes see this picture in my head with the older version of me reminiscing and wondering the life I had. Life is all about the chances we take and I know taking big steps in life is scary but you know what’s scarier than that?? Regrets. So always believe in the thought of tomorrow and being better than what you are today because your existence is solely your state of mind. You are what you think and what you do with that thought is what matters the most.

Anyways, coming to the OOTD I was wearing a tweed coat, which actually reminds me of a classic Chanel tweed coat. Off course it’s not the exact 1000 euros one but quite resembling to that. The weather has been getting freakishly cold in the K-Town. So, I decided to go all black high neck style. Comfort and health definitely came first this time!!

Love & Luck