Embroidered Top : House of Ktm Vintage
Pictures : Kerwin Rajkarnikar
Rujazz Pradhan 

Dear readers,

Birthdays are special and this year my people went over the board to make sure of that for me. These past few weeks have been hectic than ever with my work with the Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal; designing for Miss international, Miss Earth and Miss World. So, I had no time to think about my birthday at all. In fact, at the very last minute when most of my friends were worried about the dress codes, I was more like having panic attacks but only work related. I bought this embroidered top at the very last minute from house of ktm Vintage. 

Plus I had booked this awesome venue at the new attic restaurant and at 7 pm around I realised only one of my old friend from school had reached there. I was getting ready at my friend Nawang’s store as she got this urgent call from her sister. Nawang then insisted that we make a stop at the Embassy restaurant before reaching at our booked venue. At that point of time, I finally started having birthday dreads thinking, “Oh my god, is nobody coming to my birthday?” Suddenly I felt so lame like this goofy girl who didn’t plan well enough for my own birthday L Lol Anyways, I was just walking around with that thought in my head when bang!!! out in a dark room suddenly lights turned on and everybody were there chanting Happy Birthday!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! Oh my god, I was stunned, surprised, amazed, astonished…. too many emotions in one place. I suddenly felt like this Princess with my birthday crown amongst my favorite people. Aw!!!! After the hectic month I was having, I really needed it big time and it was very emotional for me.

And yes!! First and foremost I have to thank my awesome best friend Prita for planning this great celebration every year. Also my lovely family and friends Nawang, Soniya, Ritu, Manjil, Shivani ; my lovely dolls, Siwangi, Bidhatri, Pratishna, Mahima, Pratistha, Ganga di, Partima Di, Rhea also Sagar, Kerwin, Pranesh, Ankit, Kailash everyone who made it to the party, making it all the more merrier.

2014 is the year I will never forget and the memories I got to make are the ones I will cherish for my whole life.

Love & Luck