I am so sorry, I have been off the blogosphere and I think I will be partially inactive for quite a while because I am getting really busy with new projects.Things are really looking up real tight on the job front which is confidential for now. But I will eventually share them with you guys once they are done. So for now, I need to concentrate on that. Trying to stay off the blogosphere.. But it's hard to, Let's see!

NEW YEAR'S EVE 2013- Anyways I finally have the New year's eve post for you guys.I celebrated it with my best friend as u already know through my previous posts.Well, there was way too much eating, chit chatting and roaming around which was very much fun. Finally relaxing and unwinding with a change of place & surrounding was what we needed.

 It was cold and we were practically roaming around outdoors sightseeing at the street fest & as I am prone to cold allergies, I stuck with my white faux fur and some basic items like my black skirt and tights and booties.

Love & Luck