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GREEN INITIATIVE- I am writing about this alarming issue as I feel the need to share it with you guys to raise awareness about it and the sense of responsibility that is upon every single citizen of this world. The Eco system is crashing and today I am going to share general recycling techniques and ways you can contribute your bit to the environment. Many of you might say,"it's so hard", "time consuming", "who cares" or "that's gross and low like". But I say, it's easy, not time consuming if you applied the right technique and raise your standards to those who think it's 'low-like' because you are actually being a part of  something great for the future which might not be "there" one day if we don't take some actions and continue producing junk at the rate of what we are'  right now

I am not some big fancy writer but I hope I cover up all the important things that there is to cover. 

First of all, I got the idea for this post after I recently bumped into a programme on the Internet called "Go Green Initiative" and "recycle bank". May I tell you that it is such an amazing program. I learnt so much & came across so many facts that are so so alarming.  Our earth is shattering and melting gradually due to the excessive pollutions emitted by human activities that ranges from complex industrial production processes to simply driving a car to all the packaged food we reluctantly rely on these days. 

Specially living in Nepal, it is so depressing to encounter  the improper management of waste materials. It is LITERALLY depressing ( which is one of the main reason why I am writing this). Expecting it from the government here is like expecting an all year round rain in a desert. Lol So we should initiate it ourselves starting from our own homes. Although I have a very fond memories of my teenage years when my mom often told me to separate the plastics and the decaying elements from the garbage every time I was running chores. Growing up with a proactive eldest sister who volunteered in each and every social causes and programmes that there was, I was exposed to social subjects  that there was to know and I understood the subject of recycling waste materials, turning it into something usable but I never cared to realize the consequences that comes with the use of plastics. Meaning I had a bad lazy attitude but Hey! Don't blame me....it was all the teenage brain acting out, though I was a good disciplined kid ( ask everyone). Hehe

I admit,at that time I was too young and I didn't pay much attention. But now I realize the staggering amount of junk we are producing every single second. According to studies, the landfills are accumulating waste at a rate of 2 to 5 lbs of trash per person per day. Just Imagine!!! & now cross multiply it into a lifetime of an individual to the masses.It's sad but i would like to believe not a dead end as there is always something we can do to help our environment. 

Recycling helps us look at what we consume, how to reduce the waste we generate and what we can reuse. Here are some of the basic initiative techniques:- 

1. Stop using plastics. ( I know, it is hard but it is not impossible. You can try to opt for paper bags or jute "Go Green" bags which are so popular these days) 

2. Even if somehow the plastics enter your home ( which I know is definite), separate it from the decaying elements. I.e As we do at my home, make different bins; dispose plastic materials in one and decaying materials such as food leftovers, vegetable and fruit peelings, fish discards and other food scraps etc in another one. Starting up an adequate bin system is key to managing your green initiative program in a proper time efficient manner.

3. If you have an area where you can plant few vegetables or better yet in small pots on window sills or balconies then, you can actually use those decaying materials as compost to grow fresh organic vegetable or fruits. Composting is for your own benefit to enrich your soil and provide a rich mulch for your gardens. (best way to have a healthy life with a long life span, huh ) 

4. Just remember that the composting bins should have a secure lid to reduce the risk of unpleasant odors and prevent critter entry, and should be conveniently sized for locating close to your kitchen area. Best if you check on it daily. 

P.s :- You can build your recycling program to suit your lifestyle and needs. The techniques mentioned above were just basic ones. If you get the hang of it and want to do more or form a social group you can always take the help of Dr. Internet. 

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