Hello &
Merry Xmas to ya'all 
On a fine Sunday afternoon this week, I got home to this big package filled with birthday goodies from my sister who lives in New York. So happy it arrived just in time around Christmas and New Year. My sister is a "Santa" in disguise for me indeed.

Anyways, I am very very close with my sister. We both grew up in Boarding school. So she practically raised me. She always had my back, shown me the ways to navigate through different parts of growing up. When I was a kid, if  I had gotten some chocolates or something from some one, I would eat half and save the half for later to share it with my sister. "Good Times" :)
 She is older than me; when I was in kindergarten, she was in junior high school years. I always looked up to her and thought that there was no one like her in this whole wide world. She was my saviour, my guardian, my teacher and my best friend. I could tell her anything  and then, "life" happened, she had to go abroad to continue her further education. We had to grow apart geographically but in our hearts, we are always in the same place at the same time, no matter what. 

She has always been a bright student and she will be graduating with her masters degree in Psychology this earlier months of coming year 2013.

 I am so proud of her. She is my no.1.
Who is your No.1? 

"My sister knows I am such a sucker for winter dresses.So she sent me stack of stockings in different colors. And also a Zara Basic zipper jeans which is way too tight for me right now. So maybe could be a good use in the summer when I get rid of the winter fats. lol"

I hope you liked it.